Summer 2022 Clay Camp

About Clay Camp

Our Clay Camp curriculum is designed to teach pottery skills and to encourage the exploration of clay as a material for design, sculpture, and expression.   Each week, campers learn to throw on the wheel in the mornings. In the afternoons, campers learn a variety of hand-building techniques to create stunning sculptures, tiles, or functional items.

Clay Camp runs from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm, Monday thru Friday  

Drop-off Time | 8:45 am – 9:00 am

Pick-up Time | 4:00 pm – 4:15 pm

Clay Camp is for children ages 9-12 years old.

All Clay Campers will be in a single group.

Please note: we do not make exceptions to the minimum age required to be in a given group.

Creativity Camp Tuition: $425/week

*Clay Camp is currently offered during the Summer only. If you are looking for a spring break camp option: View Spring Break Creativity Camp here.

Week 3- Throwing _ Amazing Animals Summer Art Camp Clay Camp 2018


JUNE 20 – JUNE 24

Sometimes inspiration is just around the corner, or in this case, Take a walk on the wild side and join us as we find inspiration in the vibrant colors, exotic patterns, and unusual shapes found in a myriad of stunning creatures around the world. Campers will:

  • Combine two animals to form an imaginative sculpture of a never-before-seen creature.
  • Make a lidded jar that has animal-like characteristics.
  • Create a sculpture of an extinct animal using only a written description of it as inspiration.

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JULY 27 – JULY 1

Turn your blank canvasses into masterpieces as you learn a variety of clever tricks and techniques to create colorful, captivating surface designs on your clay projects. Campers will:

  • Use colorful clay slips to apply warm and cool designs on a decorative wall tile.
  • Construct a clay keepsake box and decorate it with colorful patterns.
  • Create a gradient effect on a series of plates using colored slip.

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Ann Arbor Art Center Summer Clay Camp Week 3- Throwing & Magical Beasts



Let your imagination run away with you as we create wild and crazy creatures! Learn how to give your monsters and magical beasts personalities and make them look friendly or fierce. Campers will:

  • Exaggerate shapes, proportions, and textures to design creatures inspired by the monstrous artwork of James DeRosso.
  • Make a monster mask using soft-slab construction.
  • Create a candy dish in the shape of a magical beast using pinch pot techniques.

*This is a 4-Day camp due to the holiday. There is no camp on Monday, July 4th.

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July 11 – July 15

Let’s get a little crazy and experiment with scale and proportion as we learn how to plan ahead, balance forms, and refine hand-building techniques. This week will be larger than life as campers:

  • Combine multiple thrown forms to create one stunningly tall vessel.
  • Sculpt a large version of something that is normally too small to see.
  • Sculpt a miniature version of something that is normally very BIG.

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July 18 – July 22

Learn how clay can interact with light in mesmerizing ways. Make sculptures that glow when a light is placed inside them and construct forms with cut-out decorative designs. Campers will:

  • Sculpt a tealight holder in the shape of a silly with eyes that will glow.
  • Create a luminary that will radiate beautiful patterns of light and can double as a pencil holder.
  • Make an architectural structure with cut-out designs.

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July 25 – July 29

Give your sculptures plenty of personalities this week as we explore the art of character design. Campers will try their hand at making fantastic, dynamic characters and more as they:

  • Transform a normally scary creature appear cute and cuddly or vice versa, giving careful consideration to the use of forms and silhouette.
  • Combine two thrown vessels to form the body of a character, which will be used to influence the rest of the features.
  • Design a superhero with an unusual and silly super-power.

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August 1 – August 5

We’re up to our ears in fun this week! Give it your all as we rev uThis week is sure to be a blockbuster as we create sculptures influenced by the characters and imagery found in our all-time favorite flicks. Campers will:

  • Construct a classic popcorn box using hard-slab construction techniques.
  • Applique their favorite Disney or Pixar character onto a clay tile.
  • Make a droid like those found in Wall-E or Star Wars.

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Ann Arbor Art Center Summer Clay Camp Week 9- Throwing & Design Pros


August 8 – August 12

One of the greatest challenges designers of all sorts face is how to balance form with function. What do we need to consider as we create objects that are both visually appealing and useful? Campers will:

  • Construct a non-traditional birdhouse.
  • Learn how to alter the shape of a thrown vessel to make a one-of-a-kind jar.
  • Design a shoe out of clay using coil techniques.

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August 15 – August 19

Pottery is often created for the purpose of serving or containing food. What better way to celebrate that purpose than to use food as our inspiration for a series of projects! Campers will:

  • Construct a wedge-shaped box that resembles a delicious slice of pie or cake.
  • Design a jar in the shape of a favorite food.
  • Make a chip-and-dip tray by combining a thrown form with a handbuilt form.

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Throwing _ Oceans of Fun Ann Arbor Art Center


August 22 – August 26

Pottery is often created for the purpose of serving or So many fish in the sea and so many sculptures to be made! This week, we will find inspiration in the ocean’s colors, patterns, and textures! Campers will:

  • Make an exotic fish dish embellished with bold textures and designs.
  • Decorate a thrown bowl using patterns that emulate those on a sea turtle shell.
  • Collaborate to construct an elaborate and coral reef.

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