Allegorical Space 2015

Allegorical Space Exhibition Ann Arbor Art Center 2015


Curated by Brian Spolans

Allegorical Space features artists who use the landscape as a metaphor. These imagined spaces create environments that act as allegories for our own. Through exaggeration, elimination and cultural reference the images contrast with our present reality, reflecting back and isolating the smallest, strangest detail of contemporary living.

Typically our attention is devoted to human interaction and motive, rather than the setting or background. However, location serves as the platform that shapes our lives. Setting can have psychological dimensions functions beyond the supportive role. Allegorical Spaceinvites artists to manipulate the landscape in order to reflect the inner subjective states of the people who inhabit them.

Featured Artists

Hannah Chalew

Jason Demarte

Nicole Gordon

Ashley Feagin

Charles Kanwischer

Danelle Rante

Dylan Strysinski

Millee Tibbs

Denny Gerwin


Drop off work to Ann Arbor Art Center: January 3-4

Opening Reception: Friday, January 9

Exhibition Closes: Sunday, February 22

Pick Up Work: February 23-24