Week 7: August 5 – August 9

Ann Arbor Art Center Week 7- Throwing & Character Design

Give your sculptures plenty of personality this week as we explore the art of character design. Campers will try their hand at making fantastic, dynamic characters and more as they:

  • Select an object out of a bag and use its characteristics to inspire the design of a character.
  • Sculpt a super-hero alter ego with an unusual power.
  • Create a series of bas-relief tiles featuring different facial expressions and emotions inspired by the movie “Inside Out.”

PLEASE NOTE: Campers are divided into groups based on the age they will be or turn during the week of camp they are attending. We do not make exceptions to the age minimums for each group nor for birthdays that fall after the end of the camp week.

Ages 5-7 Waitlist

Summer Art Camp 2016 Ann Arbor Art Center pre camp care

Summer Art Camp 2016 Ann Arbor Art Center post camp care

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