Week 8: August 13 – August 17

Ann Arbor Art Center Summer Camp Art Innovators

Get ready to use a little innovation and ingenuity to take your art to the next level. Campers will learn how to use modern tools and technology in addition to discovering new ways of “making” as they:

  • Create artwork that involves the use of technology.
  • Make a project that uses LED lights.
  • Use casting methods to create multiples or replicas.
  • Make an exciting masterpiece that glows under a black light.

PLEASE NOTE: Campers are divided into groups based on the age they will be or turn during the week of camp they are attending. We do not make exceptions to the age minimums for each group nor for birthdays that fall after the end of the camp week.

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Summer Art Camp 2016 Ann Arbor Art Center pre camp care

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