Art Projects for Everyone

We will be adding to our list of project ideas every third Thursday, so stay tuned for more! Most of these projects will use materials that can often be found at home. We can guarantee you that “Art Finds A Way!” If you don’t have the exact materials listed, there are often even better as-yet-undiscovered substitutions to be found out there. Work with what you have and you may accidentally come across an even better way of making. “Necessity is the mother of invention!”

Please send pics of your amazing art projects to Artpix@annarborartcenter.org


NEW ART PROJECTS: Updated July 16

Tin Can Lanterns

Keep the summer night mosquitoes away with your own citronella candle lantern!

View Instructions Here

Calder-Inspired Paper Sculptures

During his career, Alexander Calder created some of the most well known public artworks around the country. Create your own mini Calder sculpture with simple craft supplies to brighten up your bookshelf, desk, or coffee table!

View Instructions Here

Cardboard Roll Sculptures

Have you ever seen a sculpture and thought “I could do that!” Try your hand at sculptures by reusing household items like rolls from paper towel to create a maquete (scale model) for your own sculpture!

View Instructions Here

Cardboard Roll Flower Stamp

This is a great activity to teach young artists the value of reusing materials. After you master flowers try creating other plant and animal shapes!

View Instructions Here