Art Projects for Everyone

Looking for art project ideas for you and your family? Here are some creative jumping-off points for anyone to dive into. Most of these projects will use materials that can often be found at home. We can guarantee you that “Art Finds A Way!” If you don’t have the exact materials listed, there are often even better as-yet-undiscovered substitutions to be found out there. Work with what you have and you may accidentally come across an even better way of making. “Necessity is the mother of invention!”

Please send pics of your amazing art projects to Artpix@annarborartcenter.org


Foil Painting

Using different surfaces is a great exercise for learning new techniques and provides opportunities to use untraditional materials to create beautiful work on a simple everyday material.

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Minecraft Selfies

With some graph paper and a little bit of math you can make your very own Minecraft Selfie!

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Leaf Prints

Try your hand at printmaking with this fun activity! It only takes three materials to create vibrant prints of your own.

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Glue Monsters

This is a great project that combines art and science for kids to create their own slimy monsters!

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