Art Projects for Everyone

We will be adding to our list of project ideas every Tuesday- so stay tuned for more! Most of these projects will use materials that can often be found at home. We can guarantee you that “Art Finds A Way!” If you don’t have the exact materials listed, there are often even better as-yet-undiscovered substitutions to be found out there. Work with what you have and you may accidentally come across an even better way of making. “Necessity is the mother of invention!”

Please send pics of your amazing art projects to Artpix@annarborartcenter.org


NEW ART PROJECTS: Updated May 26

Natural Dyes & Shibori Folding Techniques

Tie-Dye is a summer staple! But also something we know you may not always have readily on-hand. No problem! Learn how natural dyes can be combined with shibori folding techniques to create gorgeous bandanas, t-shirts, and linens. Use onion skins, turmeric, hibiscus tea, avocado skin and pits, blueberries, red cabbage, beets, and many more items found in the produce aisle to dye textiles. Use an old stainless steel pot to make the dye in and use cloth made out of natural fibers (like cotton). Learn more about both natural dyes and shibori folding techniques using the links below!

View How To Make Natural Dyes

More Information on Shibori Folding Techniques & Natural Dyes

Colored Pencil Cosmic Cat Drawings

If you love creating with colored pencils, these cosmic cats will really be up your alley! Check out these clear, easy-to-follow instructions that will guide you in creating your own unique version. When you are working with colored pencil, especially as a beginner, you may want to initially keep your drawings small and then make larger drawings as you grow more comfortable with colored pencil techniques. We strongly encourage checking out the “Basics of Using Colored Pencils” post below.

View Step-By-Step Cosmic Cat Drawing Instructions

Basics of Using Colored Pencils

Are you new to using colored pencils? Here are some quick tutorials on a variety of techniques. Learn how to blend, hatch, cross-hatch and more. Also included is a lesson on the basics of shading and information on several types of colored pencils and how they differ.

View Basic Colored Pencil Techniques

View Basics of Shading with Colored Pencils

View Types of Colored Pencils

Paul Klee Oil Pastel Cityscapes

Explore watercolor resist techniques by combining oil pastels with a watercolor wash to make bright, colorful, geometric cityscapes inspired by artist, Paul Klee!

View Paul Klee Cityscape Video Instructions

Glue Suncatchers

Sun can be hard to come by in Michigan sometimes, so catch it while you can! A little bit of glue and food coloring can go a long ways towards brighting up your windows.

View Glue Suncatcher Instructions

Thumbprint Art

Here’s a project you can really be “all thumbs” with! This is a great little project for the kiddos. All you need is paper, a stamp pad, and an ink pen. Ink up those fingers and stamp them randomly around a piece of paper. Give them a few minutes to dry and then use an ink pen to transform them into monsters, animals, cars, balloons, fish- the sky’s the limit!

View Examples of Thumbprint Art