Week 3: ArtBox | July 20 – July 24

Buckle up as we bust out some of our all-time favorite hits from summer camp! Be sure to check out these crowd pleasers that include drawing, painting, and sculpture.


Pop Art Painting on Canvas

Learn basics strategies for working with paint to create a magnificent masterpiece! Discover the differences between painting wet-on-wet and wet-on-dry and strategies for achieving desired effects.

Embossed Tooling Foil Zentangles

Learn to create a bas-relief sculpture by using a stylus to emoboss elaborate designs and textures onto a heavy-gauge sheet of aluminum foil. This project comes with a beautiful mat to frame the final piece.

Air Dry Clay Sculptures

Explore the properties of air dry clay and paint it when it’s dry. Instructors will share sculpture options you may choose from and strategies for construction.

Drawing Projects

Sweet-to-Scary Drawings

“Secret World” Drawings

Materials to be provided by family

A pencil and eraser, scotch tape or masking tape, a pair of scissors, scrap paper, a water cup, paper towel or rag, a means of applying color via markers/colored pencils/or crayons, and newspaper or scrap paper to place under the painting as you work on it.

Registration Deadline: July 9