Week 4: ArtBox| August 3 – August 7

Do you love all creatures great and small?! Take a walk on the wild side and join us as we create a series of art projects inspired by the world’s most amazing birds, mammals, reptiles, insects, and amphibians:


No-Sew Stuffed Animals

Leading “No-Sew Stuffed Animals” projects at camp is like working at Walmart on Black Friday! Excited children is an understatement. Use your ingenuity to create an incredible “stuffie” using a sock as the base and accessorize as you see fit with the materials provided. It will be a roarin’ good time! Note: 5-7 year olds may need a little extra help applying the rubber bands and working with fabric.

Polymer Clay Animals

Use Sculpey clay to make a crazy critter and learn strategies for working with polymer clay. This project will require an adult to pop it in the oven or toaster oven for 15 minutes to cure.

Ani-MAIL Envelope Art

Using construction paper and/or drawing skills, manipulate an envelope to look like a creature opening and closing it’s mouth. Make fearful predators or friendly omnivores! These projects are 100% functional and can go through the mail.

Drawing Projects

Animal Pattern Extravaganza Drawing

Glowing Deep Sea Fish Drawing

Materials to be provided by family

A pencil and eraser, a pair of scissors, scrap paper, a ruler/straight edge, a means of applying color via markers/colored pencils/ or crayons.

A glue gun is not necessary (we will provide a slower-setting glue), but if you are a crafter and happen to have one around , they are a handy alternative if an adult is able to assist or a parent is comfortable with an older child handling one.

Registration Deadline: July 23