Week 6: ArtBox | August 24 – August 28

Let loose your imagination and master the art of monster-making and fantastical creature design. Learn how to create incredible creatures using a variety of different mediums.


Polymer Clay Monsters & Magical Beasts

Use Sculpey clay to make a monster or magical beast and learn strategies for working with polymer clay. This project will require an adult to pop it in the oven or toaster oven for 15 minutes to cure.

Monster Masks

Take the next family photo while holding up a ridiculously cool monster mask. Or not? But they are super funny and definitely on the crazy side. Bust out those drawing skills and think outside-the-box.

Magnetic Monsters (With rearrangeable parts)

This might be one of our Camp Director’s favorite projects. Draw a series of monster parts (eyes, noses, bodies, arms, legs, tails, etc.) onto paper-backed magnet sheets. Color them, cut them out, and then rearrange them on your refrigerator, or other metal surface, to create new and crazy monsters over and over!

Drawing Projects

Kawaii Monster Drawings

Mythical or Literary Monster & Magical Beast Illustrations

Materials to be provided by family

A pencil and eraser, scissors, scrap paper, a means of applying color via markers/colored pencils/or crayons, tape or glue, an oven or toaster oven w/ some sort of cooking sheet and foil.

Registration Deadline: August 13

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