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Here at the Ann Arbor Art Center, we proudly earn approximately 75% of our revenue through retail, exhibition, education, and facility rentals. The remaining 25% of our requirement provides an opportunity for us to uniquely partner with local businesses, foundations, private donors, and government agencies in order to achieve a balanced budget.

One way that that we partner with private donors is through our scholarship programs. Every year, we receive donations toward our Art for Kids scholarship program that fund art class scholarships for students of all ages (after all, adults are just grown up kids!). Your donations to Art for Kids directly support our scholarship program and ensure that we are able to inspire every eager art enthusiast and provide them the opportunity to engage in art making at the Ann Arbor Art Center.

We are grateful to all who make it possible for the Art Center to successfully fulfill our mission, serving the community, artists, students, and patrons alike through visual arts presentation.

Your support makes the difference and please know that when you support the Art Center you are joining us in making Ann Arbor a wonderful place to work, live and play.


Marie E. Klopf
Ann Arbor Art Center

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