We are very proud to announce the launch of our newest initiative, the Roseann Hebeler Brown* ARTLab (Art-Reach Technology), which features innovative classes and workshops that combine traditional art and digital technology.

ARTLab Ann Arbor Art Center Multimedia meets technology

What is ARTLab?

ARTLab includes dedicated space within our facility for up to 12 fully equipped computer workstations and features a variety of classes for children, teens, and adults. Students are introduced to the many ways in which they can use drawing, painting, sculpting, and fabrication skills to create 2-D and 3-D stop motion animation videos, digital illustrations, engaging graphic designs, and more!

ARTLab Ann Arbor Art Center Clay meets technology

Who is ARTLab for?

ARTLab is for:

  • Children, teens, and adults interested in exploring and experimenting with art and technology. It’s a great opportunity to relax, create, and enjoy. Students may learn how comic book artists take a simple sketch to a full-color final piece or discover how to make a Tim Burton-esque claymation.
  • Teens that wish to hone both their art-making skills and gain an edge before they leave for college
  • Writers that want to illustrate their own children’s books or graphic novels
  • Web developers that would like to expand their skill set and gain an understanding of visual art and design
  • Small business owners that want to learn how to develop a visual identity for their start-up
  • Professional artists that want to learn new techniques or experiment with technology in their artwork or as part of their workflow

ARTLab Ann Arbor Art Center Design meets technology

Why is this important?

Increasingly, technology is recognized as a useful and valued tool that aids in the creative process. Additionally, it is an emerging new medium ripe for exploration and experimentation. This program serves to highlight the important relationship between traditional art and digital technology, and how each stands to enrich the other.

ART Lab Graphic Novel Academy for kids at the Ann Arbor Art Center

Check out our upcoming ARTLab classes!

*About Roseann Hebeler Brown:

After receiving her BFA in art from the University of Michigan, Roseann worked as a graphic artist at the Ann Arbor News and as an art director of the Detroit Monthly Magazine. In 1990 she left the graphic art business and devoted herself to fine art and exhibited locally and nationally.

Roseann was an exceptional woman; one who was guided throughout her life by her love of her family and her passion for art, which sustained her through her long and heroic battle with Cancer.

ARTLab shares the spark of her creativity and will provide opportunities for kids of all ages to discover their own passion for the visual arts.