Art Off The Wall 2016







Art Off The Wall 2016


3rd Annual Art Off the Wall

Holiday Shopping Exhibition 

November 18, 2016 – January 7, 2017


Both our galleries combine together to create a two-floor Holiday Exhibition and Shopping Extravaganza this holiday season!

Art Off the Wall gives patrons the opportunity to purchase original, handmade works of art as holiday gifts or to add to their personal art collection. Artwork is purchased directly “off the wall” for a fun and festive shopping experience!

In Art Off The Wall you will find the unique work of hundreds of artists, featuring paintings, ceramics, home decor, glass, jewelry, holiday ornaments, winter accessories, cards, handmade stuffed animals and much more!

Make sure to stop by and give unique gifts to your loved ones while supporting art by local artists!


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Installation dates: November 27 to January 7

Artist: Camilla Oldenkamp

Aquarium Gallery installation Camilla Oldenklamp

The divide separating theists and non-theists is growing stronger. As theists remain a part of the continuation of our world’s religious history, non-theists turn instead to science and humanism. Religion is a thread that runs through the millennia. It connects early Mesopotamia to modern humans and, on its way, transforms through ancient Egyptians, Early Hindus, and the Mayan Civilization. This thread never changes form, only appearance. It has maintained the same foundation since its beginning but transforms for each era it passes through. The tiny space allows for a unique twist on such an overwhelming topic. The limiting space allows for exciting new possibilities.

The Aquarium Gallery has been transformed into a beautiful glowing space that resembles the walls of a mosque; gold taking over the walls with depictions of patterns, both floral and geometric. The patterns, created with fragile gold leaf, glisten behind the window pane. The sacred purity of 24 carat gold leaf and sacrilege imitation gold leaf exist side-by-side, unable to determine the imposter. While the geometric patterns that decorate Islamic mosques are unique to its religion, the use of gold is an embellishment every religion is guilty of.