Finding a Place in Time: Three Artists and Detroit

Finding a Place in Time Three artists finding Detroit banner

June 12 – July 18 at the 117 Gallery

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Nicole Macdonald, Steve Panton, and Kathleen Rashid each use their art practices to discover the overlooked details, histories and phenomenon in their physical surroundings. Through close-observation and dedicated study of place, each artist illuminates a way of understanding the city of Detroit. Their examples of looking beyond the obvious inspire us to meet Detroit in new ways, and wakefully inhabit the places we live.

Nicole Macdonald’s paintings and collages have been exhibited in local and national shows, including Casco Gallery in Utrecht, The Netherlands, and The Detroit Institute of Arts. She is involved with the boards of various non-profits and galleries in the city of Detroit, these include: City Sculpture, Southwest Artist Latino Network, and Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit. Macdonald’s ten foot portraits of historical Detroit were erected throughout the city in 2014, as part of the Detroit Portrait Series, and her outdoor stencil work was recently published in Canvas Detroit by Wayne State Press.

Steve Panton is the founder of the 2739 Edwin and 9338 Campau galleries in Detroit, where he has curated/promoted a series of 30 exhibitions. He is also co-founder of the Hamtramck Neighborhood Arts Festival, co-founder of the Free School of Hamtramck and co-founder of the Essay’d project. His personal interests are in interdisciplinary projects at the intersection of pedagogy, historical research and exhibition making.

Kathleen Rashid has made Detroit her home ever since her birth there in 1956.  Its changing environment continues to influence her perception of place and history. She received a BA in English and BFA in Painting from Wayne State University in 1978. She is a founding member of the Detroit area “Women in Black”, an international network of women’s groups’ actively opposing war and its consequences. She has facilitated many community large-scale puppet workshops for street theatre addressing issues of war, environment and social justice. Since 1997 she has been a member of the teaching staff in the Art Studio at the Detroit Institute of Arts, developing a learner-centered art teaching practice for a diverse audience of learners.

Curated by Terrence Campagna


Current exhibition in the AQUARIUM GALLERY

Location: Ashley Street, near the intersection with Liberty, in downtown Ann Arbor

July 9 to August 5

An Unchartable Truth, by Mike Sivak

Mike Sivak installation in the Aquarium Gallery Ann Arbor Art Center

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