refractive-1 pop up exhibition at the 117 Gallery

May 26 to June 6 at the 117 Gallery

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In optics, refraction is the bending of light through a particular medium. As we see it, the artists taking part are bending the perceptions of the world around them through their own creative endeavors… Reflection, not facsimile.

Subject matter varies from the personal to the abstract, historic to pop cultural. Through it all, the work represents each artist’s lens of inspiration.

This short exhibit represents an exciting turn for the Ann Arbor Art Center, as it reflects an artistic culture that has remained mainly unseen in many established circles around Washtenaw Country, despite several of the local artists’ International reach.

Refractive’s roots come from its curators, Peter Baker and Jeremy Wheeler, Ann Arbor-based artists and promoters whose work with Tiny Expo, The Bang!, Winter Doldrums, and Vault of Midnight show a love for creating dynamic events throughout the area over an extended period of time.

Artists Include:
Erin Anderson-Ruddon, Peter Baker Photography, Aaron Bobzien, Lucy Cahill, Doug Coombe, Steven Emshwiller, Peter Breese, Jason Gibner,Helen Gotlib, Christina Huff, Corinne Jackson, Jen Munford Tattoo/Artist,Louis Perchikoff, Chris Sandon, Matthew Shlian, Tavi Veraldi and more…

The Opening Reception of REFRACTIVE (on Friday May 29) was a huge success! Check out Morgan Barrie, Exhibitions Coordinator at the Art Center as she talks about this show:

Show curators, Peter Baker and Jeremy Wheeler:


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