Fairy Garden Clothesline

Even fairies have laundry! Make your own clothesline to add to your fairy garden.


  • Fabric scraps
  • String
  • Sticks (two of similar height)
  • Mini clothespins (substitutes: small binder clips or paper clips)


Cut a piece of string and fabric scraps into small shapes. When cutting your string, think about how many pieces of laundry you want hanging from it, the more pieces you want, the longer your string will need to be. Get creative with the shapes you cut your fabric. Perhaps you’ll hang a shirt, some tiny fairy socks, or a dress.


Tie each end of your string to the tops of your sticks. Make sure to tie them at the tops; if you tie them too far down, the laundry line will droop and be too close to the ground. You will also want to make sure you choose sticks that aren’t too short, otherwise the laundry will drag along the ground. 


Attach your fairy laundry to the string with mini clothespins. Larger pieces of laundry may need multiple clothespins to keep them in place.

Three easy steps! It’s time to let your fairy laundry dry in the sunshine.

Music Credit:

Music: Mornings | Musician: Jeff Kaale