Favorite Art Games

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Here are a few fun games, including some of our favorite crowd-pleasers that we do with our Summer Art Camps. Stay tuned- we will be posting many more!

Paper Airplane Target Game

Create your own paper airplane targets using poster board, hula hoops, wire hangers or other household items indoors or outside! Once you master one target try making more difficult targets to add levels to your game!

View Tips on How to Fold a Paper Airplane Here

Draw on My Back Challenge

You may be surprised to learn this new Tik Tok craze actually dates back a bit and has been popular with summer camps all over and throughout the years, but we are thrilled to see it finally get the attention it’s due! You can play with two or more people. View the video below to see a visual of how this works. Here are the written instructions: Player #1 tapes a piece of paper to a wall in front of them. Player #2 tapes a piece of paper onto Player #1’s back. Player #2 then begins to draw a picture on #1’s back, but just a piece of it at a time. Player #1 then draws on their paper what they felt was being drawn on their back, until the entire drawing is completed. We encourage you to use a thick marker that won’t soak through the paper onto someone’s shirt. A normal crayola marker, for example, should be fine. *Just a reminder, player #2 should NOT draw the picture all at once. It’s too much to remember. If you are Player #2 and are going to draw a smiley face, start by draw the circle and then pause while Player #1 draws what they felt. Next, draw the eyes and pause again while player #1 draws what they felt, and so on until the drawing is complete.

View Draw on My Back Challenge Video

Telephone Pictionary

This game goes by many different names, but is most commonly known as Telephone Pictionary. It involves drawing and writing and works best with six or more people. Start with a piece of paper and a pencil and write a sentence. Then, pass the paper to the next person. They draw what the sentence says. When they’re done, fold over the original sentence so it’s not visible anymore and just the drawing remains. Give the paper to someone else, who writes a sentence about the drawing. Repeat this sequence until the paper is full, and then unfold to see the results!

View More Detailed Paper Telephone Instructions

View Another Good Telephone Pictionary Description

Paper Plate Drawing Game

This game will really turn you on your head! Each participant is given a paper plate or alternately, a sheet of paper with a piece of cardboard or another hard surface to draw on beneath it. Participants put the plate or paper on top of their head. They are then given instructions on what to draw on it. Since you can’t see what you are drawing and your hand is at a strange angle, this can be VERY challenging! After the drawings are completed, go through the list of points that are assigned for accuracy of each drawn element and see who won the game. Check out the full instructions and drawing prompts using the link below.

View Full Paper Plate Drawing Game Instructons

Painted Rock Tic-Tac-Toe Games

Create your own tic-tac-toe game by decorating rocks with paint or paint markers! You can keep it very simple or go to town by painting opposing characters.

View Tic-Tac-Toe Examples

Color Scavenger Hunt

Here’s a great outdoor game for younger kids. It’s easy, simple, fun, and a great reason to get outside for some fresh air. Some of these colors are tricky to find this time of year, so this will be a great challenge for young ones.

View Scavenger Hunt Instructions


This game is sometimes known as Playdough Pictionary but instead of drawing, you sculpt with play-dough. Check out the full instructions below. Simple word lists are great to start with, especially with young children. To amp up the level of crazy, create a more challenging or unusual word list. If you want to take things one step further, have the sculptor sculpt while blindfolded!

View Sculptionary Instructions

Draw a Seek-And-Find Game

Do you have an eye for detail? If you love seek-and-find games like Hidden Pictures, I-Spy, or Where’s Waldo… try making your own! Play this game with two or more people. Choose which kind of game you want to make, for example, a Hidden Pictures game. Each person will draw their own and then trade them so that the other person can play the game. Make these drawings very detailed and challenging for the finders!

View Examples of Games

Copy a Drawing You Can’t See

Here’s a challenging two-player drawing game. Each person creates a drawing without showing it to the other person. Player 1 will then give a verbal description of their drawing in as much detail as possible to Player 2, who then has to draw it and vice versa. Then compare who got closer to recreating their assigned drawing correctly. Consider starting with a simple drawing first and then making more complex and detailed drawings in future rounds. This is a great game for practicing how to give clear and concise instructions!

View Full Instructions

Design Your Own Board Game

Have you played about all the games of Uno a normal human being can handle? It could be time to make your own new game. Update and put a new twist on an existing game or come up with something completely new and exciting! One of the best things about board games is the artwork. Who doesn’t have that image of the candyland or clue gameboards burned into their brain, or for the older crowd, Settlers of Catan. Aesthetics count. Draw or sculpt your own game characters or tokens. Make your own spinners or dice. Make your game look just as much fun as it is to play! Note: The layout ideas in the pinterest board are just a way to start brainstorming. The majority of them are not really ideal for printing, nor is it easy to find ones that are actually free and easy to print. Making your own is always better!

View Board Game Layout Ideas

View Homemade Spinner Instructions

View blank dice template

6-Panel Comic

This game is a little like a drawing version of Mad-Libs. It is most fun playing with 2 or more people, but you can also play individually. Get ready to create the silliest, most random comic ever! A very BIG thanks to one of our long-time summer camp staff members for sharing this with us. This was always a big hit with his students!


Add a little randomness to your drawings. Roll a die for the first category, the head, and draw the head that you land on. Roll a die for the second category, and add the eyes that you land on to your drawing and so forth. See what crazy creatures you come up with. Check out the link with more dice rolling games and try them all! For more challenge, create your own dice roll game and hand it off to another person in your home to play.

View Roll-An-Alien Game

View More Dice Roll Drawing Games

Circle Art Challenge

This is a fun and quick activity! The goal of the game is to fill up as many circles with circular artwork as possible within a set amount of time. It forces young artists to think quickly and sketch fast, without becoming to self-conscious about a sketch. Some of the best ideas come when you don’t have time to overthink things. So print off a few sheets (or draw a bunch of circles if you don’t have access to a printer) and challenge them to sketch in as many circles as possible, or even fill the entire page of circles, within 5, 10, or 15 minutes. Or so several rounds of the same time period and try to outdo oneself each time.

View & Print Templates

Monster Cootie Catcher Drawings

What child (… or adult) doesn’t (still) love cootie catchers? Here is an extra fun one! View the instructions in the link below for specifics, but players will use the cootie catcher to randomly select characteristics that they must then include in their monster drawing. For extra fun, have multiple family members draw a monster using the same characteristics and compare your drawings. Do your “scared, oozing blob monsters with three eyes look the same or very different? If you are really feeling creative, up the game and design your own monster cootie catcher with different and more challenging characteristics so that you might have to draw a “musically-inclined, middle-aged hipster monster with feathers and wearing a bow-tie”. I mean, this could get crazy.

View Monster Cootie Catcher Instructions and Printable Template

Surrealist Drawing Game

Always a fan favorite, the Surrealist Drawing Game can keep kids busy for ages- at least a solid 15 minutes. Kidding- it’s usually longer. It can definitely be addictive. For this game you will need 2 or more family members to play. Here’s the short version of instructions: You fold up a piece of paper into 3 or 4 sections. The first person draws a head and extends the neck lines just a little bit into the next panel and then folds over their panel so no one can see it. The next person draws their section of the body, referencing the neck lines left on their panel by the first person and so forth. When everyone is finished, you unfold the paper and a ridiculous random creature is revealed! For full details on how to play the game, click on the link below. To extend the activity, have kids add color to their creation.

View Surrealist Drawing Game Instructions