Independent Ceramics In-Person Studio Groups

Winter 2021 Independent Studio will consist of five separate Independent Studio Groups—one group a day, with a maximum of 6 people per group. Studio hours will start the week of March 1st 2021 and end the week of April 10th 2021.

The day of the week and time you register for your Independent Studio Group is the ONLY day and time that you have access to use the studio. Each Independent Studio session will be a weekly four-hour session. During your four-hour session, you can use any amount of time between 0 and 4 hours, in any combination, and no logging of hours will be required. We ask that you only register for one session.

Your registration includes the use of all equipment, glaze materials, and firings. Only work made in/at the Art Center studio will be fired and clay used in the studio must be purchased at the Art Center. Clay is not included in the cost of your independent studio registration and no refunds of any kind will be issued for Winter 2021 Independent Studio purchases. Additionally, volunteer coupons will not be accepted for these sessions.

Masks are required at all times while in the building. Independent Studio students must attend a first-day mandatory independent studio meeting to cover new studio practices and procedures.

If you have any questions, please contact our ceramic studio manager Marc via email at mmccay@annarborartcenter.org.

To sign up, please click on the link below for your desired day.


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