REMIX Art For Sale

Artwork for sale throughout the duration of the exhibition (June 8 – July 22)

For inquiries or to reserve a piece please contact us at (734) 994-8004 – Learn more about REMIX

Come see the artwork in person at the 117 Gallery in the 2nd floor of the Ann Arbor Art Center | Location and Hours

AS01E51, by Xi Zhang $3500

The Colossus Inspired by Goya, by Tom Stella Price TBD

Safety Net, by Stephen Proski $1200

The Inner Machinations of my Mind ar an Enigma, by Shaina Kasztelan $3000

My Little Sleepover at the Gates of Hell, by Shaina Kasztelan $3000

The Alien You've Always Wanted, by Sean Hottois Price TBD

Tea cup, by Paho Mann $1200

Movie Camera, by Paho Mann $1200

- Untitled - by Nicole Czapinski $600

Halo, by Nicole Czapinski $600

Falling Water, by Kenneth Batista $3000

Cliffs of Moher, by Kenneth Batista $3000

Overtake, by Joshua Littlefield $500

77 DP, by Joseph Bergman $600

#7 Sprite #1 (Diptych), by Jodi Stuart Sprite $280 both - $150 each

Media Darling, by Douglas LaFerle $3500

Unhurried, Uncertain, by Donald Cronkhite $2500

The Wreck of the Betsy Ann, by Dominique Chastenet de Gery $8000

Running Man, by Art Vandenberg $650

Standard Size #7574, by Andy Mattern $1200

Standard Size #7743, by Andy Mattern $950

Standard Size #7621, by Andy Mattern $950

Encrypted Artifact, by Andy Malone $1200

Compression Artifact, by Andy Malone $1500

Fort Ancient, by Andreas Luescher $850