Sketchbook Warm-Ups

Origin Stories

Have you ever thought how leopards got their spots, own giraffes grew such long necks, or how bees got stingers? Use your imagination and create your own illustrated origin story of your favorite animal.

Before and After

We don’t always notice how things change throughout the day, and drawing can be a great way to document those changes. Challenge yourself to draw a specific indoor or outdoor space, once in the morning and once at night to see how things evolve throughout the day. Some examples could be a dish drying rack in the kitchen, house plants that reach for the sun throughout the day, or the view outside from a window.


Haikus are a fun exercise to get your thoughts down or dip your toes into poetry. After writing your own haiku(s) try to draw a companion illustration in your sketchbook.

Days of the Week

For this activity try to draw one image that represents your day for one week before you go to bed.