Sketchbook Warm-Ups

A great way to start the day or as a segue into the next home school activity is a quick 15 minute sketchbook warm-up activity. Below are several prompts to get those creative juices flowing.

A Perfect Summer Day

Imagine that it is the perfect summer day out. If you could do anything in the world on that day, what would it be? Would you be laying in a hammock in the shade enjoying the breeze and reading a book? Would you be tubing on a lake or waterskiing? Would you be having a massive water fight with water balloons and aqua blasters? Draw your vision of what this perfect summer day would look like.

Action Poses

Start by making a list of sports, such as: soccer, tennis, football, volleyball, swimming, bowling, etc. Next, see if there is anyone nearby who is willing to pose for you for a few minutes by pretending to play a few different sports. Alternately, you can briefly pose in a full-length mirror or reference magazine photos to get a sense of how the body looks when it’s in action. Draw several poses. Keep in mind, lines that are at an angle suggest more action and movement than lines that are vertical or horizontal. Observe the angles in peoples arms, legs, and body as they are in motion as opposed to when they are standing or laying still.

Camping Trip

You’ve embarked on a tent camping trip to a woodsy area. There are many trees and animals scurrying about. The sun has set and it’s dark out now. Draw this scene. What are you surrounded by? Can you see the stars? Are there any bugs or hidden critters nearby? Is there a campfire? What are you doing and who are you camping with? Draw it all!

Design Your Own Play Structure

Picture the most incredible play structure that’s ever existed. If you’re a little older, maybe that play structure is adapted to your age and interests (such as a high ropes course, rock climbing tower, crazy obstacle course- like those on tv). Draw a diagram of what this structure would look like.

Secret, Melty, Gooey Smore’s Recipe

If you could make the most delicious s’more on the face of the earth, what would be in it? What recipe would win you culinary prestige? Would it have bananas, a mint, peanut butter, something different than graham crackers, flavored marshmallows, etc? Sketch this epic recipe in full detail. Practice making the marshmallow look melty. How do you create the illusion of an object melting and dripping down?