Sketchbook Warm-Ups

Straight Line Drawing

There are many times artists run into obstacles that may feel like restrictions. While some restrictions can make things hard, other times these restrictions can spark new ideas. For this exercise try drawing an object with only vertical lines or horizontal lines to practice your mark-making and try to discover new techniques for future drawings!

Whole to Half

Have you ever noticed how many foods look completely different on the inside than the outside? For this exercise, take an apple, orange, or another fruit and draw the outside on one page, and then take a bite or have someone help you cut the fruit in half for a snack and draw the inside on the opposite side of the page.

4pt View

Similar to the previous exercise take a piece of paper and fold it in half like a book and then make another fold the top half over the bottom to create a grid of 4 sections. Now that you have a nice grid grab a common household object like a shoe, mug, or backpack and draw a different side of that object in your grid.


Have you ever noticed the mark your foot makes on tile or concrete after you step out of a pool or the bathtub? For this exercise, use your observation skills to document what your footprint looks like in your sketchbook.