Peripheral Technologies

Peripheral Technology

Curated by Thea Augustina Eck

Peripheral Technologies

On view June 7 – July 6, 2019

Whether investigating patterns, the human body’s movement, or existential meanings, this show highlights artists who explore unconventional ways to utilize emergent technology such as CNC, image scanning, or drone photography in their creative practice.

Artists investigating technologies strive to learn the limitations of their tools and then how to circumvent them to break assumed rules. Inventing new uses for artistic means speaks to curiosity and contributes to the history of innovation, reflecting art’s history. It also allows for deeper concepts to arise rather than technology as the end goal.

This exploration reveals the current state of the hand in craft and fine art, which integrates analog and digital techniques as part of the creative process. Each artist in this show presents their version of honoring technology and their hands. A symbiosis between the two brings the artists’ concepts to the forefront.


Friday, June 7

3-7PM: Tech Trek + Icon Interactive at the Art Center

4-8PM: ICON Interactive Mixed Reality Experience

  • ICON Interactive utilizes augmented and virtual reality to transport attendees 200 years into the future. Their destination: New Boston, a version of a partially submerged city due to rising sea levels.


Opening Party is generously sponsored by

Saturday, June 15

6:30-8PM: Artist Talk

  • Gallery walk-through with the Curator and select artists

Friday, June 21

5-7PM: Happy Hour

Happy Hour is generously sponsored by

Saturday, June 22

1-2:30PM: Conductive Tape Creatures

  • Come create your unique and colorful creature with eyes that light up using small LED bulbs. You will bring your cut-paper animal to life with a little imagination and some conductive tape! No experience is necessary, and all materials are provided. Ages 5 and up are welcome, but those under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. This class is offered in conjunction with our Peripheral Technologies exhibition on view in the 117 Gallery June 7th-July 6th
  • Instructor: Thea Augustina Eck



Christy Oates

(Left to Right)

September 30
Wood Marquetry

September 21
Wood Marquetry

September 5
Wood Marquetry

Dylan Beck

Supersymmetry Or “Did You See What The God Particle Just Did To Us Man??”

Jason J Ferguson

Being, Nothing More (age 38)


Lia Cook


Positivity Su Data

Matt Shlian

Ara 361 Take Me Instead

Unholy 79 (In Black)

Nervous System

Hyphae Crispata #1

Peter Baker

(top row left to right)

Neaf Höfn, Iceland

Aerial Photography

Quarry, Nevada

Aerial Photography

Vík í Myrdal, Iceland

Aerial Photography

(bottom row left to right)

Outside of Las Vegas, Nevada

Aerial Photography

West Seattle, Washington

Aerial Photography

Mojave Desert, California

Aerial Photography

Richard Elaver

Wripple No. 1

Wripple No. 2

Dissolving Tiffany, Vase 1 & 2


Ryan Molloy

Asynchronous Idiom Series 1

Asynchronous Idiom Series 2

Asynchronous Idiom Series (Detail)


Window #5

Still from Captured by an Algorithm Javascript, Kindle, Photomerge Algorithm

Stephen Cartwright

Floating Data (Driving Mileage 2011-2014)

Floating Data (Email, Time at work, Time meditating 2016)

Floating Data (Human powered outdoor activity and driving mileage 2010-2011)

Opening Reception Photos

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