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Ceramic Studio Tech Job Description
Department: Education
Reports to: Ceramic Studio Manager
Date: September 10th 2018

Ceramic Studio Tech, Part-Time 25-28 Hours per week (May increase during peak seasons)

The position of Ceramic Studio Tech is to assist the Ceramic Studio Manager (CSM) in the daily maintenance and organization of the ceramic studio. The Tech will work closely to support the CSM in various duties relating to the ceramic studio and customer service. This position may require additional duties not listed in this description.

Primary Duties

 Assist with glazing and processing of ceramic work
 Assist with kiln firing, including loading and unloading
 Clean, restock, arrange and organize ceramic studio
 Recycling of clay from slurry to usable pugged clay
 Monitor condition of mixed glazes weekly
 Assist with 20+ ceramic glazes, 10+ colored slips, and 12+ colored stains as-needed
 Track and report supply levels to the CSM
 Provide answers to customers and students questions regarding the ceramic studio
 Maintain a positive attitude at all times
 Assist ceramic studio monitors and Art Center Staff when needed

Desired Skills:

 Strong organization and time management skills
 Ability to adapt and operate effectively in an unpredictable environment
 Ability to work independently and/or in a team capacity
 Knowledge of glaze chemistry, clay bodies, and clay recycling techniques

Education and Qualifications:

 B.F.A. in Ceramics or comparable training required
 Strong overall knowledge of ceramic arts and handbuilding techniques
 Experience firing, loading, unloading, repair and maintenance of electric kilns
 Experienced with commonly used equipment in a ceramic studio
 Knowledge of glazes, glaze mixing, dry materials and other supplies commonly used in a
ceramic studio

Should be able to perform general physical activities that require considerable use of arms and legs and moving whole body such as lifting, walking, stooping and handling of materials that weigh between 50-75lbs is required. Should be able to work in an environment where ceramics are processed.