Ceramic Studios

Ceramic Studios in Ann Arbor


​Located in the historic Walker Building in the heart of downtown, the Ann Arbor Art Center has two fully outfitted ceramic studios in Ann Arbor, a dedicated glaze room with 20-plus glazes, and three large electric kilns in our processing area. From experienced potters to beginning students, the A2AC’s Ceramic Studios fit any skill level through our classes, workshops, and special events. Capacities depend on the studio.


January 8

Start of Classes

January 13

1st day of Independent Studio

February 18

Last Day for Wet Work/Throwing

February 25

Last Day for Trimming & Handbuilt Construction

March 3

Last Day to Get Work in to be Bisqued

  • Work must be DRY and in the Kiln Room by Sunday, March 3rd before 7:00pm.

March 3

End of Class Instruction

March 17

Last Day to Glaze

  • ALL work must be glazed and in the Kiln Room by the end of Independent Studio (Sun. March 17 @ 7:00pm)

March 17

Last Day of Independent Studio & End of Term

Please check with your instructor about timing for your particular class.


Studio Hours

Monday 10:00am – 2:00pm

Wednesday 9:00am – 12:30pm

Thursday 10:00am – 2:00pm

Friday 10:00am – 2:00pm

Saturday 3:00pm – 8:00pm

Sunday 3:00pm – 7:00pm


Studio 101

This newly-refurbished multipurpose studio space has 12 new pottery wheels (6 Brent CXC and 6 Shimpo Wisperlite), a Brent SR-20 slab roller (large scale), ample storage space for student projects, and just about every ceramics tool one might need. This classroom can accommodate 12-15 participants, given the class, event, or workshop.

Studio 102

This newly-designed multipurpose studio has eight pottery wheels (combination of Brent and Shimpo), 1 Brent SR-20 slab roller (large scale), ample storage space for student projects, and two Baily clay extruders. Additionally, this space features extra large work tables to accommodate a stable hand-building work area. This classroom can handle a maximum of 8-10 participants, given the class, event, or workshop.

Studio 103: Glazing & Processing

The A2AC’s Ceramic Studios has a dedicated glaze room with more than 20 glazes available for students. We also stock a wide variety of colored slips and stains that are available for student use. The Ann Arbor Art Center has three Skutt electric kilns ranging between 9.9-11.6 cubic feet and fires to a maximum temperature of cone 6.


When can I sign up for Ceramics classes at the A2AC?

A2AC class registrations open near or just before the beginning of each calendar season (Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer), with workshops and events sprinkled throughout the year. Please refer to our upcoming classes page to see current class offerings. https://www.annarborartcenter.org/education/upcoming-classes/#category_id_43

Is there a way to sign up early for Ceramics classes before the general public?

The A2AC offers a membership program that gives exclusive access to class registrations before the general public has access. Ceramics Classes fill quickly; most Wheel Throwing 101 classes fill in one day. Learn more about A2AC Memberships here: https://www.annarborartcenter.org/get-involved/memberships/

What kind of clay is used at the A2AC Ceramic Studios?

We have four clay bodies available for use in the studios: 

Rovin Ceramics – You Betcha Mix (White Stoneware, smooth body) 

Laguna Clay – B-mix 5 (White Stoneware, smooth body with grog)

Rovin Ceramics – Terracotta (Red Stoneware, smooth body with fine grog)

Laguna Clay – #60 Speckled (Tan Stoneware with black flecks and grog)

Can I use my own clay?

No. The A2AC is a closed-loop clay system. Outside clay is not allowed.

Can I come into the Art Center and use the ceramics studio?

No, you must be registered for a class or independent studio to use our facilities.

I have prior clay experience but never took a clay class at the A2AC. Can I register for Independent Studio?

Please read the information about Independent Studio 26-hour Pass found under the EDUCATION tab on our main page.

Can I fire pieces/work that I made somewhere else at the A2AC?


I’m a production artist. Can the A2AC accommodate large volumes of clay work?

No. The A2AC is not set up to accommodate production work. 

Does the A2AC repair ceramics?

No, our facilities are not set up to accommodate this request. 

Do you do appraisals for ceramics?

Unfortunately, we do not provide this service.

Can individuals or groups schedule private events in the Ceramics Studios?

Please inquire how these spaces can be rented for a private event.

Note – Groups must have a minimum of 6 students and may not exceed 12 students.


Does the A2AC Ceramics Studio partner with other organizations, such as schools, non-profit organizations, or senior centers, to provide in-house or off-site programming?

We are currently not offering services in these capacities.

How will I know when my clay projects have been fired and are ready for pick-up?

You will receive an email from the Education Department when the work is ready for pick-up.

Can my child accompany me to Independent Studio?



If you have further questions, please contact Studio Manager Marc McCay: