A2AC Gallery

A2AC Gallery Ann Arbor, Michigan

2022 SEASON THEME: Emerge

What are the creative possibilities entailed in moments of transition? For many, this year will be one of recognizing and reckoning with major changes and challenges we face as individuals, families, communities, and a society. In spite of difficult realities that persist, new relationships and opportunities for connection continue to emerge. The Ann Arbor Art Center is also currently undergoing a process of transition and transformation as we reopen our enhanced studio spaces and launch the inaugural season of the A2AC Gallery. Through a series of exhibitions and related programming, we invite you to help us imagine what our new space can be and do for YOU and your communities. We hope that the A2AC Gallery will emerge as a catalyst for connection, conversation, and creative exploration through your participation.


Sharing Space exhibition at the A2AC Gallery

Disaster-Proof Mobile Unit community project and art installation



February 28 – April 1, 2022, in the A2AC Gallery and Aquarium Gallery windows

The A2AC presents a moving images exhibition, Off the Screen!

In partnership with the



November 12 – December 30, 2021

Curated by Juana Williams

HISTORIC FUTURES was the first preview of the 2022 exhibition season AND the A2AC’s brand-new street-facing gallery at 115 W. Liberty in the heart of Ann Arbor’s Creative District.

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