Accessibility at A2AC

Website Accessibility

We Strive To Be Accessible For Everyone

As part of our commitment to our community, A2AC strives to maintain a website accessible to all visitors. We are continually working towards compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and make updates regularly to accommodate everyone.

Building Accessibility

A2AC is committed to making improvements to increase accessibility and accommodate everyone in our community. Here is some helpful information about accessing our building located at 117 W. Liberty St., Ann Arbor, MI. 48104:

DDA's Getting Around in Downtown Ann Arbor page showing accessible parking.

Accessible Parking

The closest ADA-compliant parking spaces to A2AC are in the parking lot behind our building. You can also find the nearest on-street through the DDA website. Simply click the link above, select the “On-street Accessible Parking” option, and navigate the map to locate the desired spots.

Accessible Parking in Downtown Ann Arbor

Bus Stops

The Blake Transit Center is located two blocks east of the A2AC. The bust stops closest to our building are: 

  1. William + Main Bus Stop (two blocks south)
  2. Huron + Main (two blocks north)
  3. Liberty + Railroad Crossing (two blocks west)
Picture of the Accessible Entrance label on A2AC's front door.

Wheelchair Accessibility

An accessible entrance is located at the front door of the 117 building. Please note that our building does not have handicapped door buttons. There are ramps throughout the building and an elevator towards the back of the building, making this location fully wheelchair accessible.

Gallery & Shop

Our gallery and shop, including cash wrap, are wheelchair accessible.

Accessible Restrooms

All of our restrooms are ADA-compliant. On the first floor are two gender-specific bathrooms by the elevator and two gender-neutral bathrooms in the A2AC Gallery. On the second floor, there is one gender-neutral bathroom by the stairway. Finally, on the third floor, there are two gender-neutral bathrooms.

Image of a Golden Retriever Service Dog accommodation.

Service Animals

We welcome service animals and will accommodate them as necessary.

View the ADA Definition of a Service Animal Here

Sensory Accommodations

We play music in the store but are happy to turn it down or completely off if needed. The store features no brightly flashing or colored lights. Exhibitions in the A2AC Gallery may contain loud music or flashing colored lights. When this is the case, we will have notices posted on the exhibition’s landing page and on the gallery door. 

Other Accommodations

We are happy to provide reasonable accommodations that would make your time with us more comfortable. We also offer all our items online if coming into the store in person is not an option.


We welcome any feedback you have and look forward to hearing how we could make your experience better and more accessible! If you have specific questions or feedback about A2AC’s accessibility or if you need assistance with accommodations, please: 

  • Send us a message through our online contact form. 
  • Email us at info@annarborartcenter.org 
  • Give us a call at (734) 926-4128 
  • Connect with us in person