Upcoming Classes

Looking to take an art class in Downtown Ann Arbor? Join A2AC Art Classes! 

We offer a variety of courses, from classics like painting, drawing, printmaking, and ceramics, to more contemporary arts like jewelry, screenprinting, fiber, and digital arts. The A2AC upcoming classes cover a wide range of ages and topics from youth and teens to adults, beginner to advance, 1- day to 4-week, and even weekday to weekend classes.

There’s something for everyone! You and your family can all share in the fun of learning and developing an artistic skill.

All of A2AC’s upcoming classes and workshops range between $35 to $295. Course descriptions will list if supplies are included in the cost or if students must provide them. 

If you have other questions, don’t hesitate to email us at education@annarborartcenter.org, or by phone at 734-926-4131.