A2AC Murals

A fresh initiative designed to infuse art into our community

A2AC Murals Map

A2AC Murals: WC Bevan
A2AC Murals: Gary Horton
A2AC Murals: Midnight Olive
A2AC Murals: Nina Shahin
A2AC Murals: WC Bevan
A2AC Murals: Ann Lewis
A2AC Murals: Ouizi
A2AC Murals: Taylor White
A2AC Murals: Dokebi
A2AC Murals: Live in Color
A2AC Murals: John Sauve
A2AC Murals: Avery Williamson

A2AC Murals is the culmination of pairing downtown building and business owners with local, regional, and national artists who transformed the building walls into spectacular expressions of their skill—providing the community and visitors the opportunity to experience and enjoy these large, vibrant works of public art. 

To make this dream a reality, we crowdfunded in July of 2020 to raise $50,000 through Patronicity. These funds paid the artists a living wage and covered other mural expenses like equipment rentals, paint, permits, etc. Once this goal was met, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) matched our $50,000—doubling the impact of all donations leading up to the goal through their Public Spaces Community Places program.

Mural installations took place from August until November of 2020, with more scheduled for 2021.

Are you an artist who would like to be a part of A2AC Murals?

A2AC Murals is made possible by the Lucie & Larry Nisson Art in Public Program.