A2AC ArtLab

A2AC ArtLab


Digital Art Classes in Ann Arbor

What is ARTLab?

ArtLab at the A2AC is where creativity and innovation meet!

Explore and discover how to use emerging technologies, such as stop-motion animation, digital illustration, 3D modeling & printing, graphic design, and more–all intended to develop in-demand skills for 21st-century jobs.

From gaming to manufacturing, ArtLab offers digital art classes in Ann Arbor that marries software and hardware to create; for our teen and adult students alike, ArtLab inspires future potential backed by real-world knowledge and skills. Our ArtLab programs are ideal for learning and growing in a fun, supportive environment.

Let ARTLab Light the Spark!

You don’t need to enroll in a collegiate-level digital arts program to learn the basics of 3-D modeling, illustration, or graphic design.

Try an easy, accessible class at the A2AC. Learn more about our scholarship program.

Gain applicable knowledge and skills that apply to a wide-range of professions.

Apply those skills to your own personal projects or profession. Take those big ideas and turn them into a reality.


Continue onwards and seek higher education in these areas of study. Use our ARTLab to “Try it, before you buy it!”

About our ArtLab Classes

Where technology meets art!

  • We offer classes for youth, teens, & adults
  • ARTLab classes are perfect for beginners! No experience necessary.
  • Learn from our friendly, knowledgeable, experienced instructors.
  • All equipment and apps are included with class tuition.
  • Don’t leave what you learned at the door! The apps we use are low-cost and easy to learn. If you own an iPad, you can take the knowledge and skills you’ve gained in class and continue to create art from the comfort of your own home.

Digital Sculpture & 3-D Printing

App: Nomad Sculpt

Digitally sculpt a portrait, design a collectible character, create wearable art, or model a toy vehicle with moving parts.

Stop-Motion Animation

App: iStopMotion

Tell your story with clay sculptures, cut-paper characters, and found materials.

Digital Illustration

App: Procreate

Illustrate dynamic characters, epic comics, captivating stories, and majestic worlds.

A2AC ArtLab

Graphic Design

App: Procreate

Procreate can help you design whatever you can imagine. Learn how to create your own “merch”- stickers, buttons, posters, etc..


Check back soon as this program continues to expand!

Where can I continue to 3-D print projects after my class has ended?

Check out our friends at Maker Works or All Hands Active.

These maker spaces have 3-D printers for use by their members. Be sure to read thru any requirements/conditions they have to use their equipment.

I want to have my own “merch”, comic book, or story professionally printed. What printers do you recommend?

Vinyl Stickers: Stand Out Stickers

T-Shirts (both small and large batch printing): Underground Printing

General Needs | Business cards, postcards, posters, etc.: VistaPrint

ArtLab programming is made possible by support from

Initial support for ArtLab was generously provided by the

The Roseann Hebeler Brown Fund