A2AC Alleys


We want to re-imagine Ann Arbor’s alleyways; to breathe life into these auxiliary spaces, to create a place, a destination in itself, and to demonstrate the value, the importance, and the potential of these between spaces and the significance they have to our built urban fabric.

To make this dream a reality, we crowdfunded in July of 2021 to raise $50,000 through Patronicity for our Art in Public program, which includes A2AC Murals and A2AC Alleys initiatives. These funds paid the artists a living wage and covered other expenses like equipment rentals, paint, permits, etc. Once this goal was met, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) matched our $50,000—doubling the impact of all donations leading up to the goal through their Public Spaces Community Places program.

A2AC Alleys is made possible by the Lucie & Larry Nisson Art in Public Program.


LAA Office – “Urban-Fetti”

Jefferson Lettieri Office – “Drip”

Bilge Nur Saltik / Form & Seek – “A2 Sunset”

Update: October, 14, 2021

Cool new things take time, occasionally more time than anticipated. 

The A2AC Art in Public team has elected to postpone A2AC Alleys installations until 2022. Considerations for this decision include winter walkability and our desire to maximize your time to enjoy these ephemeral works of art. 

Stay tuned for more about the talented and creative artists behind their genius. Let’s all look forward to new art springing up next year!