A2AC Murals: Dylan Strzynski

A2AC Murals Dylan Strzynski


A2AC Murals Dylan Strzynski
A2AC Murals Dylan Strzynski

Art in Public is proud to present Dylan Strzynski’s A2AC Murals public art project in Downtown Ann Arbor, the first of two that will be completed in the Spring of 2024.

Artist Statement

“These murals are an attempt to bring my 2D work to the streets. The usual suspects, flat pink modular houses, saw-tooth picket fences, and the skulking coyote are joined by other contemporary totems. They are rendered using techniques that mirror those used to create my fine art wall pieces. They are adapted for the concrete landscape in the same way that the real coyote has adapted to the urban environment.”

About the Artist

Dylan Strzynski is a multidisciplinary artist from Michigan. He is inspired by the woody marine landscape of the north where he grew up and the area surrounding his home in rural western Washtenaw County. Focusing on landscape and vernacular architecture, his work addresses concerns about the environment and poverty by telling stories characterized by mystery and subtle humor. “The Life We Make,” a documentary film about working artists co-directed by Strzynski, recently screened at festivals across the US and Canada.

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