A2AC Murals: Mike Ross

Mike Ross

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Artist Statement

I work heavily with color and pattern, painting largely abstract work but occasionally including figures or other literal elements. My mural work is always mapped out, but in the ideal situation, I’ve got some room for improvisation. I’ve got a very “tidy” graphic style, and I like to use eye-catching but subtle color combos, with one color flowing easily into another within pattern and repetition.

About the Artist

I’ve been painting full-time for the past 10 years. I love working large-scale, so it was natural to delve into mural painting, which I’ve been doing since 2018. I’ve painted around a dozen murals, from here to Santiago, Chile, each more ambitious than the last!

Mural commissioned by The Standard at Ann Arbor

Mural Pictures

Process Pictures

Sample of Mike’s Work