Are artists on the staff and/or Board?

We greatly value the ideas and perspectives of artists and prioritize their engagement in all dimensions of the Ann Arbor Art Center’s work and operations. We currently have artists represented on our Board of Directors, staff, and many volunteer advisory committees

Motawi Downtown

The Ann Arbor Art Center was the first ever retail store to carry Motawi Tile in the mid 90’s.  Since then, Motawi has grown and is carried over 400 retail locations throughout the country. In 2013, based on overall sales and production capability, Motawi began to explore the potential of opening an independent store of their own.

Do we provide art appraisals?

We do not provide art apraisals at the Art Center, however, depending on your specific requirement, we can assist you in finding an appropriate resource.

Do we sell art supplies?

Art supplies are not available for purchase at the Ann Arbor Art Center; however, we can provide suggestions for art supply stores in the area.

Do we ship artwork?

No, artists and art purchasers are responsible for all shipping costs and arrangements

Do we sell 3rd party art?

The Art Center does not sell 3rd party art

Do we have drop in activities?

We have a variety of activities that occur throughout the year. Please check our website calendar for upcoming events

Do you have to be a member to exhibit work at the Art Center

Membership is not a requirement to present or show work for exhibition at the Art Center.

Where should I park when visiting the Art Center

There is convenient parking in city operated lots right behind the Art Center, at Fourth and William or Ashley and Huron.  There are parking meters located throughout downtown Ann Arbor.

For our exact address please go to our location and hours page

Can I host a party, business meeting or special event at the Art Center

We’d love to have you do so!  The Ann Arbor Art Center provides the perfect atmosphere for any event. We have several options available for facility rentals.

What are the benefits of Art Center membership?

Membership benefits include discounts on courses and workshops, discounts when you purchase in the 117 gallery shop, invitations to special events and much more. Join us and begin receiving benefits today! 

Would you host an art activity off site?

We can provide art activities offsite, but most of the fun happens here at the Ann Arbor Art Center.  Our historic downtown location offers the perfect enviroment to host an art making event. See our Art Party page for more details. If you are interested in hosting your event off site contact our education department at 734-926-4131

Does the Ann Arbor Art Center have tuition assistance programs?

The Art Center does offer tution assistance through our G.A.T.E. program. To download the application click here or contact our education department at 734-926-4131

Where can I find your calendar of events?

For general Art Center events, click here, and for Exhibitions events, click here.

How do I register for an art class?

Registering for a class is easy! Visit our upcoming art classes and check them out. After that, pick your favorite and register online, over the phone or visit us in person here at the Art Center. Whatever is easiest and best for you.

Can’t find an answer to your question? Contact us!