A2AC Murals – TreeTown Murals

TreeTown Murals – Mary Thiefels & Danijel Matanic

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“TreeTown Murals has partnered with Ypsilanti organization, Growing Hope to design and create a mural that highlights and celebrates the centers contributions to the community through service, food, farming, and education. We aim to create a bold & vibrant mural that on the side of their main building that will attract interest and inspire visitors, residence, and youth to visit and participate in their community farm and educational initiatives.”


TreeTown Murals is a public art company, run in partnership by wife and husband team, Mary Thiefels and Danijel Matanic. TreeTown Murals designs custom mural projects that result in unique partnerships between people, communities, municipalities, companies, schools, and centers across the state of Michigan. Their playful, illustrative, bold, and vibrant style creates landmark murals that reflect these collaborations and beautify spaces for all people to enjoy and experience.

TreeTown’s mural is part of a pair of murals that link Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti. These two murals will bring together two communities and two perspectives through collaboration, conversation, and creativity. Yen Azzaro from Ypsilanti, and TreeTown Murals – Mary Thiefels & Danijel Matanic, from Ann Arbor. Yen’s mural will be in Ann Arbor, on the Liberty Street Argus Farm Stop, and TreeTown will be completing theirs at Growing Hope on Michigan Avenue in Ypsilanti. The artists have worked together to identify the subject matter of their respective murals to amplify the other’s community through visual art. The driving force behind this concept is our friends at Toyota, and we couldn’t be more grateful for their support in making this possible.