Crazy Hair!

How to Make Crazy Hairstyles!

As we shelter-in-place, you may find yourself questioning the need to brush your hair or put on pants. Entirely reasonable. Which is why it’s important to take a break for self-care and give yourself the hair-do of your dreams… like those dreams you have when you eat a strange combination of doritos, spaghetti, ice cream, and pop rocks right before you go to bed. Crazy, crazy, dreams.

The instructions below will give you a basic idea of how to make a TOWERING up-do for medium to long hair. Included are both a daytime look and an evening look. These can be tweaked in many ways and you can also make multiple towering hair structures on your head to elevate the look to your particular level of crazy. More ideas for styles you can do with long hair and awesome options for short hair can be found using the link below.

View more Crazy Styles for both short and long hair

Basic Crazy Hair Up-Do Instructions

Step 1

My hair is a blank canvas. I gave it a good brush and am ready to proceed with the “Crazy Hair” transformation.

Step 2

This is not the back of my head. It is my face.

Brush your bangs over your face so that you have an equal amount of hair spread around your head.

Bonus: If you want to scare small children, put on a pair of fun sunglasses over it and race around the house making monster sounds like cousin IT. Always a win. They love it.

Step 3

Take a stack of cups or something similar that can be used to provide structure and support for your up-do and place them atop the center of your head. Use something appropriate for the length of your hair. Maybe you need smaller cups. If you have very, very long hair, you might consider making a cone out of posterboard- like a party hat.

Step 4

Here’s where things get tricky. You will need to pull your hair up and around the cups and tie it off TIGHTLY with a hair tie. The easiest way to do this is to bend over while holding the cups atop your head and let your hair fall evenly around the cups and then tie it around the cups as you are essentially upside down. You can use a brush if it’s helpful. Now spray it with an abundance of hairspray for maximum hold. If you have any old colorful halloween hairspray, that will really elevate the look- giving it plenty of flare!

Step 5

There are many options on how to add the extra “CRAZY” to your hair.

Lights: Note: See STEP 6B. If you add lights, I recommend adding them before anything else you want to add. Add some GLOWING highlights to your hair with a string of fairy lights or if you aren’t planning to move around much- Christmas lights (Just figuring that’s what many people may have around.) Small paper lantern LED lights that you twist to turn on will also work.

Pipecleaners: See STEP 6A. Take a few pipecleaners and twist them into fun shapes. You can use these as picks that you can place throughout your hair.

Miscellaneous: Other materials that can be fun could include ribbon, decorative/sparkly garlands, pom pom balls, little toy lizards or plastic bugs, tulle, old silk flowers, balloons, etc. There are many items that could be repurposed to make a stylish do.

Step 6A

If you want to add any fairy lights or christmas lights that will need to be wrapped around your hair, do Step 6B first. If you just want some non-glowing crazy hair for a sophisticated day-time look, go ahead and add the pipecleaners throughout your up-do. Depending on how tight your up-do is, you may be able to just stick them in or you might have to twist the end of the pipcleaner around some hair. Explore and experiment with other materials that can be wrapped around or strewn throughout your hair like ribbon or sparkly garland.

Step 6B: LET IT GLOW!!!

Wrap LED lights or Christmas lights around your towering hairstyle and GLOW!!! If you want to include the pipe cleaners, place them in your hair after you put on the lights.

More Crazy Hair Ideas for Short, Medium, and Long Hair

Check out a few more images below for inspiration and view EVEN MORE Crazy Hairstyles here.

Ideas for Short Hair: If you have short hair, depending on the length, you may still be able to attach pipecleaners. Colored hairspray leftover from Halloween is ESPECIALLY fun and you can experiment with designs, patterns, and polka dots if you have a few colors. Hair gel can result in some crazy styles, as well as the addition of found objects like toy lizards or plastic bugs. If your hair is very short, you can also attach pipecleaners or found objects to a headband for a similar effect.