New to Art?

Are you new to art and thinking of taking art classes? Not sure exactly where to begin or what art class to take? That’s okay, we are here to help!

Art is like any other new skill and it will take practice and patience, but these helpful hints will help get you started.

Beginning Drawing

Much like you have to learn to walk before you can run, beginning drawing classes are the perfect foundation to start your art journey. Most people seem to think you either know how to draw or you don’t, but for most, it is a learned skill. There are techniques that can help even the newest student find their drawing ability. Also, a good understanding of drawing can add life and realism to future explorations into painting or even sculptures.

Beginning Painting

Painting – no matter the medium you choose – can offer many exciting possibilities. Just like any other artistic medium learning how your materials work is important. Painting with watercolor is very different than painting with oil. A beginning class will first show you the basic rules and set you on your way.

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Beginning Clay

If you have never touched clay or it has been a while, an introduction or beginning class is a good place to start. Clay can be one of the most adventurous and fun artistic mediums to explore, but knowing the rules of how it works will alleviate frustration when you are first starting out.

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We hope this is helpful but if you have any questions about a class you are thinking about taking please feel free to contact our education department at 734-926-4128. We hope to see you at the Art Center soon!