Facility Rentals FAQs

What are the rental fees and how much time do they permit?

There is a four hour minimum contractual time to rent the Art Center facilities. The contracted time starts when you or your representatives arrive for set-up. Allow at least one hour for set-up (most caterers prefer 1.5 hours for set up), factor in time for the event (when guests are in the building) and then at least one hour for clean-up. An average facility rental is 5 – 6 hours. Rental fees are based on the total number of hours used.

Am I required to use certain vendors in your space?

We do not require you to use certain vendors, however, it is strongly recommended that you use a vendor from our preferred vendors list. The companies on our list are top quality and have a wonderful record of working in our facilities regularly and understanding our policies, procedures and how to best utilize our unique space.

See our preferred vendors list here

Can I serve alcohol at my event?

In order to serve alcohol at the Ann Arbor Art Center, your caterer must have a liquor license or a certificate of liability insurance on file no later than two weeks prior to the contracted date listing the Ann Arbor Art Center as the certificate holder and include the Art Center as an additional insured and also include Waiver of Subrogation under the General Liability. In the event the client is an individual and they do not have a caterer with the required insurance coverage, insurance must be secured through www.theeventhelper.com or you must hire a SafeServ Certified licensed bartender.  Any alcohol brought into the Ann Arbor Art Center must be from a licensed caterer, or you must hire a SafeServ Certified bartender if you are providing your own alcohol. 

Do I need to provide insurance for my event?

Yes, in addition to using an insured caterer, you will have to supply special event insurance (day of insurance) for your event. This can be purchased through theeventhelper.com, or sometimes can be added on to your current insurance policy.

How many guests can the Art Center accommodate?

The guest capacity in each area of the Art Center is different based on set-up. The following are suggested guidelines in order to accommodate guests comfortably in the space. We do not advise going over these limits as it could cause damage to the building or the artwork in our spaces. Any damages incurred during the event are the client’s liability. 

    •  117 Exhibitions Gallery (Approximate Sq. Ft. = 1417 )  *please note that these capacities include the entirety of the 117 Gallery, which is two rooms divided in half by a staircase.
      • Sit down 5’ Rounds: 48 – 72 guests
      • Sit down 6/8‘ Banquet Tables: 64 – 90 guests
      • Reception/Strolling Supper – High top tables: 75 to 90 guests
    • Studio 5 (Approximate Sq. Ft. = 777)
      • Sit down 5’ rounds: 48 guests
      • Sit down 6/8’ Banquet Tables: 50 guests
      • Reception/Strolling – High top tables: 70
    • Studio 3 (Approximate Sq. Ft. = 455)
      • Sit down 5’ rounds: 15 – 25 guests
      • Sit down 6/8’ Banquet Tables: 32 guests
      • Strolling Reception – High top tables: 25 – 30 guests
    • Studio 115 (Approximate Sq. Ft. = 1300) 
      • Sit down 5′ rounds:  35-40 guests
      • Sit down 6/8′ Banquet Tables: 75 guests
      • Reception/Strolling: up to 100 guests

Will you hold a date for me?

We do not “hold” dates for individuals who inquire about a specific date for any length of time. In order to secure a date on the Art Center’s facility calendar a contract must be completed by the facilities coordinator, initialed and signed by the client and returned with a 50% deposit based on the total facility rental fee at the time of booking.  The remaining balance on the contract is due two weeks prior to the event.

What is the Art Center’s cancellation policy?

The 50% deposit is based on the total facility rental fee at the time of booking is refundable up to 45 days prior to date of use. Client may cancel two weeks prior to the contracted date without incurring any additional costs, however, the initial 50% facility rental deposit will not be refunded.  The entire contracted total will be billed to the credit card on file at the time of booking if cancellation occurs less than two weeks prior to the facility rental date.

Can I have music at my event?

If a Band, DJ or i-Pod will be playing during the event it is only permitted between 6:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. in keeping with the City of Ann Arbor noise ordinance.

Do you allow fundraising or other ticketed events to be held at the Art Center?

The Ann Arbor Art Center does not permit the use of its facilities for fundraising purposes or events that require a paid ticket for entry.

How do I reserve the space?

Contact Chelsea O’Hayer at 734-926-4131 or at cohayer@annarborartcenter.org or fill out the facility rental inquiry form.