Gallery Shop Pop-Up:
Lavinia Hanachiuc

April 5 – May 4, 2019

Lavinia Hanachiuc presents “the Huntress” on display on the first floor of the Ann Arbor Art Center beginning April 5, 2019. Hanachiuc is a ceramic artist, printmaker, and photographer working in Ann Arbor. Her work combines the folklore of her Eastern European and Latin heritage with memories of a childhood lived under an oppressive political regime. Her work is shown alongside the text of writer Katie Farris who is known for her dynamic and imaginative prose.

Artist Statement: Lavinia Hanachiuc is a jar of plum jam, a born ceramic, and a snow shovel, which is Romanian. Hanachiuc is photography from the highly competitive Bucharest University of Fine Arts, especially in the neon light of post-communist production pottery. Pottery originates from superstition and superstition from Lavinia Hanachiuc. Hanachiuc is embroidery, is Ann Arbor, is a husky, is her daughter, is a paper-mache mask of unusual size, is a shadow cast by a melange of miniature monkeys. Monkeys, in their various modalities of art speak, from within a velvet bag, produce Lavinia Hanachiuc, ceramically.

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