GIG: The Art of Michigan Music


GIG The Art of Michigan Music Ann Arbor Art Center 117 Gallery

Exhibition Dates: January 15, 2016 – January 30, 2016

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Curated by Chuck Marshall

The Ann Arbor Art Center and LifeinMichigan.com are pleased to present GIG: The Art of Michigan Music. This exhibit features concert photography, gig posters, and shirt designs by twenty Michigan artists of Michigan bands and musicians.

GIG: The Art of Michigan Music is designed to give patrons the immersive experience of the diverse Michigan music scene from promotion to performance. All of the artwork will be on sale and is sure to please music fans as well as art lovers.

Artists: Mark Arminski, Chris Beata, Scott Boyink, Emilo Cardiel, Chopper, Doug Coombe, Tony Fero, Jen Harley, Luke Jackson, Coe Lacy, Carl Lundgren, Chuck Marshall, Mick McDonald, Jena McShane, Robert Nixon, Joe Orlando, Steve Sergent, Alyssa Shirkey, Chole Songalewski, Jeremy Wheeler

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Location: Ashley Street, near the intersection with Liberty, in downtown Ann Arbor

Tim Hailey’s “Strawberry Blonde” (2016) is latex, casein and One Shot on Tyvek. The piece uses imagery from Heart’s “Little Queen” LP (photograph by Bob Seidemann) and Jefferson Starship’s “Red Octopus” (illustration by Gribbitt!), combined with elements of Hailey’s own iconography—in this instance, two young women and a concrete burro planter/lawn ornament playing a game of “Twister.” Portions of this piece were originally shown as “If only you’d believe in miracles, Baby, so would I” at Hamtramck’s “Public Pool” in 2010.

Through shear luck, Hailey’s Aquarium piece and available T-shirts coincide nicely with the current 117 Gallery exhibition, GIG: The Art of Michigan Music.

Indiana-born Hailey is a founding member of Hamtramck’s “Public Pool” art space, former gallery co-director at the HERE Art Center in New York City, a widely exhibiting artist, and prolific motorsports journalist.

For more on Hailey’s artwork: http://www.timhaileyworld.com

For more on Hailey’s motorsports work: http://eatmyink.com/

Tim Hailey Aquarium Gallery Ann Arbor Art Center