November 3 – December 10

The Ann Arbor Art Center invited artists from across the country to submit their work to Hot Fresh Glazed, an exhibition of functional pottery. More than just a cup show, this exhibit features a range of functional ceramic designs.


Nawal Motawi

Selected Artists:

Nancy Bulkley – Ann Arbor, MI
Brian Caponi – Rochester Hills, MI
Isabella Comai – Ann Arbor, MI
Kristine Cravens – Ann Arbor, MI
Craig Crawford – Jamestown, RI
Zoe Dufor – Brooklyn, NY
Michael Foerster – San Antonio, TX
Lucina Howe – Aurora, CO
Angela Lenhardt – Ann Arbor, MI
Marc McCay – Toledo, OH
Jovonnah Nicholson – Grand Rapids, MI
Joseph Paushel – Cincinnati, OH
Gabrielle Soltis – Detroit, MI
Maribeth Sonsara – Roseville, MI
Lauren Visokay – Ruckersville, VA
Hedy Yang – Novi, MI

About the Juror:

Nawal Motawi founded Motawi Tileworks more than 20 years ago. A University of Michigan art school graduate with a restless spirit and an interest in applied arts, Nawal moved to Detroit to learn tilemaking at Detroit’s storied Pewabic Pottery. She returned to Ann Arbor after a few years and began making her own tiles in a garage studio and selling them from a stand she rented at the local farmer’s market.

Motawi tiles are sold internationally in over 300 shops and galleries. Motawi murals and tile installations are in countless homes and public places, with large installations at such institutions as the University of Michigan, Yale, and Disneyland.

Today, Nawal is still designing and making tiles in Ann Arbor. Her companies, Motawi Tileworks and Rovin Ceramics, employ more than 30 people. Her company utilizes Toyota-Style Production and practices an intentional workplace culture.

Recently, Motawi tiles have been features in Forbes, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Dwell Magazine, and on the national PBS series Craft in America.