Historic Futures


Opened on November 12 and closed on December 30, 2021

Curated by Juana Williams

HISTORIC FUTURES was the first preview of the 2022 exhibition season AND the A2AC’s brand-new street-facing gallery at 115 W. Liberty in the heart of Ann Arbor’s Creative District.


About the Curator



Historic Futures is a multidisciplinary exhibition bringing together a group of artists who explore history, create commentary around current happenings, and dare to imagine a distinctly different future. When visualizing a future world, minds often shift between numerous manifestations of improvement and innovation. Perhaps what’s imagined is a world consisting of people and systems that are more just, kinder to the environment and each other, healthier, safer, more accepting of differences, and less polarizing. Yet, all of these ideas are subjective. How do we individually and collectively define these terms? What’s most significant when designing future societies? An exceedingly important question to explore when considering the future, is where have we been? What have we learned from our past and what lessons are continuing to guide us into the future?

Fluidity is a compelling idea when juxtaposing ideas are so adamantly different, that even imagining an intersection seems virtually impossible. Although some semblance of agreement may not be envisioned, one element that must not be forgotten is that change is constant. History has proven that if nothing else remains true across expanses of time, change is always dependable. It is an absolute necessity. To move forward, to progress, to make positive change happen, there must be a deliberate examination of the past. The artwork within Historic Futures acts as a guide, questioning the past and envisioning what’s to come, as life edges forward toward the future.


Lisa Alberts

Acute Onset no. 5
Linen, light-sensitive dye, polyfil, & thread.

Acute Onset no. 6
Linen, light-sensitive dye, polyfil, & thread.
Acute Onset no. 7 (Pandemic Buildup)
Linen, light-sensitive dye, polyfil, dryer lint, & thread.

Stephen Arbiote

Untitled VI
Acrylic, coffee, charcoal, & collage on paper
Untitled II
Acrylic, coffee, charcoal, & collage on paper
Untitled IV
Acrylic, coffee, charcoal, & collage on paper

Yuling Chuang

Hidden Message I
Mixed media with reed, skeleton leaf, pig casing, watercolor, & ink
Incarnation II
Mixed media with cotton fabric, pig casing, acrylic, canvas, & varnish

Sarika Goulatia

– [ ] “It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do so little”
Mixed media

Camille Hoffman

Michigan Landscape
Acrylic, & “Maple Morning” vinyl stock image wallpaper

Ayana V Jackson

Double Goddess… A Sighting in the Abyss
Archival pigment print on German etching paper

Jason Quigno

All my relations
Indiana Limestone, & granite
Zen Boulder 5
Granite river stone

Josie Love Roebuck

Better than blood
Screenprint, screenprint ink, yarn, hair bows (from the artist’s childhood), latex paint, oil pastel, & fabric

Darryl DeAngelo Terrell

I Look Like My Momma (Self-Portrait 1980)
Archival inkjet print


Friday, November 12, 2021

Cold brew refreshments provided by Hyperion Coffee. Live DJ set by MEMCO.

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