Sharing Space

Sharing Space Exhibition at the A2AC Gallery

Sharing Space

On view May 20 – July 8, 2022

Sharing Space coincides with the grand opening of the Art Center’s new 1200 sq. ft. street-level A2AC Gallery and renovated studio spaces, located in the heart of downtown Ann Arbor.

Opening Reception

Friday, May 27, 2022, 6-9pm

Featuring MEMCO DJs


About the Exhibition

Sharing Space brings together artists with diverse creative practices and life experiences to explore themes of intimacy, distance, connection, and comfort. Using sound, touch, and sight to activate our senses, their works challenge us to imagine possibilities for making space for ourselves and others in the face of personal and societal transformation.

This exhibition is an invitation to reflect on strategies for bridging distances and impassible divides or, alternatively, for finding one’s own space in a crowd. Photographs by Chen and Kirk express this tension. Their works convey experiences of searching for camaraderie in a sparsely populated landscape and communion with nature in the midst of a city. The natural world itself becomes a space of transformation in Thomas’s presentation of nature as therapy and in the paintings of DeBoard, where wild creatures reveal hidden chaos and the potential for renewal at the edges of our ordered domains. The material world, too, plays a critical role in the way we inhabit space and engage with one another. The objects designed by Martin and Johnson evoke familiar household objects—a table, a chair, a coat hanger—but invite surprising modes of interaction that challenge ideas of comfort. Ferguson’s and Isenbarger’s sculptures express rupture and reinvention in the heart of domesticity. In their multimedia works, Gupit, Terzieva, and Buie use artistic strategies of visual fragmentation, erasure, and accumulation to access and reconstruct spaces that only exist in memory. And finally, the works of Schnettler, Spears, and Thomas give us access to private moments and personal spaces, encouraging human connection through empathy.


Tyanna J. Buie

A Series of Arrangements #6, 2022
Screen print, digital archival print, and collage on paper
22 x 30″

Yiyun Chen

Man on the Street (Hush Hush), 2021
Photography, pigment print
21 x 17″

Snow Day (Hush Hush), 2021
Photography, pigment print
17 x 21″

Rachel DeBoard

Viburnum, 2021
Oil, acrylic, pastel, and charcoal on canvas
58 x 43″

Botanical Trauma, 2022
Oil, acrylic, pastel, and charcoal on canvas
60 x 36″

Jason J. Ferguson

4 x 9 x 6″

5 x 9 x 6″

6 x 8 x 8″

8 x 9 x 2″

5 x 8 x 4″

HOME-21-LAT42-LONG-84-(001, 002, 005, 008, and 0010), 2021

Nicolei Buendia Gupit

Pamilya – June 12, 1898, in memory of the Philippine Independence which was declared after 300 years of Spanish rule on this day, 2022
Paper pulp casts, found objects, wood, and video projection
63 x 32 x 38

Stacy Isenbarger

Unfurl, 2021
Upholstered form, found trim, steel, rope, velvet
24 x 22 x 6

Breathe, 2022
Upholstered form, rope, velvet, lace
17 x 11 x 3.5

Breanne Johnson

Swivel Table
Birch plywood; carbon steel; lazy Susan hardware; stone, ceramic, and glass tableware

Elise Kirk

Williamsburg Waterfront, 2021
Archival Pigment Print
18 x 24
Price Upon Request

Elise Marie Martin

Coat Rack that Hugs You Back, 2021
24 x 72 x 18

Physical and Emotional Support Chair, 2021
Woodworking and hand-weaving
24 x 48 x 24

AJ Schnettler

Safe Space, Volumes 1 & 2, 2018–19
Mixed media
6.5 x 9.5 x 1 (each)

Kat Spears

Gorge (Toyota Camry Interior #1), 2022
Acrylic, oil, glitter glue, and curling ribbon on board
48 x 48

Gulf (Toyota Camry Interior #2), 2022
Acrylic and oil on board
48 x 48

Dessislava Terzieva

All The Places I’ve Called Home; 1989-2020 (I), 2020
Photographic print and acrylic paint on canvas
78 x 40

All The Places I’ve Called Home; 1989-2020 (iii), 2020
Photographic print and acrylic paint on canvas
41 x 43

Rachel Elise Thomas

Sick Leave (COVID Diary), 2020
Digital photography
24 x 18

Normality (COVID Diary), 2020
Digital photography
18 x 24

First Dose (COVID Diary), 2020
Digital photography
18 x 24

This Is My Therapy, 2021

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