Straight Up Pop-Up feat. Turbo Romero


FEBRUARY 25 - MARCH 23, 2019

Ann Arbor Art Center Straight Up at Alley Bar featuring Turbo Romero


An art show pop-up in a bar.

Where: Alley Bar

Exhibition Dates: February 25 - March 23, 2019

Opening Party: Monday, February 25th, 2019, 7 - 10pm

Who: Turbo Romero, aka Tom Reed

Artist Social Pages: Facebook, Instagram

Opening Party Facebook Event Page

This month's installment of Straight Up at Alley Bar featuring the work of local artist and graphic designer Turbo Romero. Opening night is February 25th, 7-10pm. Enjoy drink specials and rock out to the live DJ.

Artist Statement:

Thomas Reed’s (creatively known as Turbo Romero) Tribal Flame style started as a way to fill in the blank space of a paper on which he would doodle the lyrics of a song. Quickly, they turned into his go-to doodle. Binders, notebooks... even homework assignments weren’t safe. Most of the drawings would feature song lyrics, or they would create a shape or figure. But mostly, they were lyrics. Usually the part of the song that he could relate to. Now, 10-years later they have taken a whole new form, not only digitally, but infographic; combining with his skills in graphic design.

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