Straight Up Pop-Up feat. Turbo Romero

Straight Up Featuring Turbo Romero

Turbo Romero at Alley Bar

FEBRUARY 25 – MARCH 23, 2019

Opening Party: February 25

Photos from Opening Night

Thomas Reed’s (creatively known as Turbo Romero) Tribal Flame style started as a way to fill in the blank space of a paper on which he would doodle the lyrics of a song. Quickly, they turned into his go-to doodle. Binders, notebooks… even homework assignments weren’t safe. Most of the drawings would feature song lyrics, or they would create a shape or figure. But mostly, they were lyrics. Usually the part of the song that he could relate to. Now, 10-years later they have taken a whole new form, not only digitally, but infographic; combining with his skills in graphic design.

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