Straight Up Featuring Nichole Klein


JANUARY 28 – FEBRUARY 23, 2019

Ann Arbor Art Center straight-up-2019-nichole-klein


An art show pop-up in a bar.

Where: Alley Bar

When: Opening Party: Monday, January 28, 7 to 10pm

Opening Party Facebook Event Page

This installment of Straight Up will feature the artwork of Nichole Klein. Nichole is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University. She lives and works in Hamilton MI. She is an oil painter with mostly representational work.

FROM THE ARTIST: “My work is praising anonymous driving factors, unspoken words, things on the brink of happening; heated with a sense of unease. I like to capture hands and faces carrying out last resort efforts against the unknown. Saturated colors, the imagery of uneasy passing moments, the juxtaposition of symbolism, gold, and use of categorized images come together to form an image bordering on pre-catastrophic. I make decisions as I go along as visual conversations with myself, with the goal of communicating these ideas to a viewer with a shared visual language. I want viewers to identify with my work in a secret way, like the way they like a song that they don’t want to tell anyone about, but listen to over and over again. I like to think about the people in the backgrounds of the photographs that you have in your home. Someone, somewhere knows who they are. My work is like a flash into those stranger’s lives and fears. My goal is that you might recognize yourself in the painting the way you might recognize someone in the background of a photo or cadence of a song.”


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