UofM Passport to the Arts – Copper Plate Embossing

Get creative and have fun with this low stress art kit!

Enjoy a chill evening at home making art with your roommates or take a creative break and unwind on your own after a busy day!

What is the UofM Passport to the Arts?

Passport To The Arts is an initiative to encourage UofM students to explore the arts on campus and around Ann Arbor. Learn more about the UofM Passport to the Arts

Who is it for?

This kit is free for University of Michigan students that have a Passport to the Arts voucher!

What is the Copper Plate Embossing Project?

Copper Plate Embossing is an easy art activity that anyone can do. There are no mistakes!

Embossing is the process of creating a series of raised and/or recessed areas to make a design. Press down with a stylus on the copper plate to make your own eye-catching artwork featuring simple shapes and patterns. If you love zen-tangle designs, this is the project for you! Read the UofM [Art]Seen Review of this project (Written in 2020)

How Do I Get One?

Swing by the Ann Arbor Art Center during our normal business hours and see our Front Desk Staff! Let them know you are picking up a Copper Plate Embossing Kit and give them a Passport to the Arts voucher. View Directions

Don’t miss out! 

Copper Plate Embossing kits will be available from January 10 to January 31st, 2024.

Check out how it’s done!