Beyond the Pail: Mural Making and the Artistic Process

Beyond the Pail A2AC Gallery Exhibition

Beyond the Pail: Mural Making and the Artistic Process

On view July 29 – October 8, 2022

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The A2AC Gallery presents Beyond the Pail, an exhibition that explores mural-making and its artistic process, examining how each project and surface presents novel challenges for every artist. The exhibition features curation by Louise Jones, aka Ouizi, and artists whose work can be seen in public spaces and museums throughout the world.


About the Exhibition

From the Chauvet Cave’s walls to the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling, the mural has been an integral aspect of human expression and storytelling since prehistory.

Inspired by the rising popularity of street art and catalyzed by the sprawl of the metropolis, in recent decades, the mural has become an increasingly commonplace feature in public spaces around the world. This increase in visibility has developed in tandem with an expansion of the art form in scope, subject matter, technique, and technology adoption.

Unlike painters in indoor studios, mural artists are exposed to the elements – weather, fluctuating light conditions, terrain, noise, and the public. Working in the public eye, both figuratively and literally, dictates the work that an artist makes. Some choose to make work that serves as tribute or decoration to a community. Some use the public platform to challenge public norms.

The process of executing a mural is different for every artist and is often inspired by their resourcefulness, with each individual project and surface presenting novel challenges.

The unassuming overwhelmingly encountered murals, with only the immediate setting to provide context. We digest art differently when we know we are in a museum or gallery; we prepare to expect it beyond every corner. But there is a certain mystery aspect to large-scale public outdoor murals–a sense of discovery, an invitation to wonder, a temptation to amazement. It is our hope that in sharing a glimpse into the processes behind the work, we may peek through the prismatic colors without unweaving the rainbow.


Caledonia Curry / Swoon

Gemma and Dawn Red Variant
Linocut print and hand painting


Flower Portrait 4
Mixed media on canvas

Boy Kong

iPad printout for the mural (Orlando)
Paper printout of digital drawing

Sketch for CottonOn
Ink on paper

Sketch for Domu mural (Orlando)
Graphite on paper

Sketch for the mural (Orlando)
Ink and colored pencil on paper

Mary Iverson

Blue and Red Grid
Acrylic on paper

Blue Grid
Acrylic on paper

Field Sketch of Picture Lake and Mount Shuksan
Print on metal

Final Mural for MITM
Print on metal

Print on metal

Tim Parsley

Untitled (Process Materials)
Inkjet print, plastic page protector, acrylic

Taylor White

Clinc AI value study
Graphite, color pencil on paper



“Art center in Ann Arbor to debut new mural making exhibition”

ANN ARBOR – The A2AC Gallery will present new exhibit “Beyond the Pail: Mural Making and the Artistic Process” from July 29-Oct. 8.

Curated by Louise Jones, aka Ouizi, the exhibition will examine how muralists address the challenges each project and surface presents.

-All About Ann Arbor

“Ann Arbor Art Center will showcase mural-making process with new exhibition

ANN ARBOR – The streets of Ann Arbor are filled with a variety of murals, but some community members may be left wondering how these large-scale pieces of artwork came to be.

The Ann Arbor Art Center’s A2AC Gallery is hoping to answer these questions through its new exhibition, Beyond the Pail: Mural Making and the Artistic Process.


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