Boy Kong

Boy Kong

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About The Artist

Boy Kong is a self-taught multi-media artist. Raised in Orlando and of Chinese-Vietnamese heritage, his growing body of work draws inspiration from a vast array of styles, from Folk and Graffiti to Ukiyo-e and Surrealism, and employs a multitude of disciplines. Boy’s distinct aesthetic knows no boundaries; its distinction, in fact, stems from his penchant for variety and his endless exploration of color. Boy frequently conflates and blurs the lines between animal, mineral, and vegetable, and his subjects are further enlivened by his use of pastels and neons, lending the final works an electric-cum-folklore-ish quality of his own design.

Artist Statement

This series of drawings offers insight into the initial stage of realizing large-scale murals. Many of these murals start out as simple sketches– images and ideas that I try to translate to paper as soon as possible. I find this work allows me to how my private, subconscious practice becomes a fully-realized, public practice.

Beyond the Pail Artwork

Creative Practice

My work is spontaneous like grass. Studio on the way– I am in the manifesting stage of the process. Yes, I make work everywhere at home. Whether it be the bedside, kitchen table, or outside. Anywhere.