Are you a potter?

By: AD Lenhardt - Few things make me cringe as much as this question. I went to school at a time when Clay Artists (the term I prefer) were struggling to be respected in the fine arts community. The old argument of Craft vs Art can raise ire and hurt feelings, but is actually quite understandable from…

New Metalsmithing & Jewelry Studio

The Ann Arbor Art Center Reopens Newly Remodeled Metalsmithing and Jewelry Studio "The space is beautiful, the tools are new, and specialized ventilation has been implemented to enable us to add a full suite of encaustic painting classes unique to the Ann Arbor community." - Marie Klopf [hr] The Ann Arbor Art Center is pleased to announce…

A Beautiful Collision of Art and Design

By: Clark Malcolm Design solves problems. Art inspires and provokes human emotion. The Ann Arbor Art Center’s Mid-West Furniture ZOKU exhibition exemplifies the two impulses and a charming variety of arresting combinations of the two.  Beauty, wit, and function join in wonderful ways throughout the upper two rooms at the Art Center on Liberty. Curated by…