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The debate in my head went something like this:

Julie1: you can’t do a “part 2” post yet, you haven’t done very much, there’s nothing to write about.

Julie2: but that’s part of the process, right? I want to write about the wholeprocess of creating this installation.

Julie1: well, you’ve really only done a lot of thinking about the piece, not a whole lot of doing. You can’t write about sitting on your butt “thinking.”

Julie2: why not? That’s part of the process…

Julie1: but that’s boring.

Julie2: but that’s part of the process…

Julie1: well, there are no engaging pictures of you “thinking.” You need pictures of something, otherwise it really will be boring.

Julie2: but sitting and thinking’s part of the process…

Julie3: you guys are driving me nuts, just start writing for Pete’s sake…

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