Drunk Art History

Join the Art Center and our friends from the Ann Arbor Distilling Company for a fun night out!

A2DC’s Head Distiller, John Britton, and music historian, Lena Leson, will drink a cocktail (or two) and discuss the rich and entertaining history of art and absinthe.

Your ticket includes an Absinthe Tonic, a specialty cocktail featuring A2DC’s Water Hill Absinthe Violette, Spring Gin, soda water, and honey.

Tickets are $25 each and go on sale Wednesday, July 31. All attendees must be 21 by August 28, 2019, to participate.

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Meet John and Lena:

John Britton is the Ann Arbor Distilling company’s head distiller and the husband of musicologist Lena Leson. The couple met as undergrads at the Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins University and then went on to attend the San Francisco Conservatory together. It was there that they grew as musicians…and spirits enthusiasts. While Len was honing her research skills and applying to Ph.D. programs around the country, John pursued an apprenticeship with the prestigious St. George Spirits—America’s first craft distillery. When Lena was accepted to the University of Michigan (go blue!), the newly-opened Ann Arbor Distilling Company proved the perfect home for John’s talents.

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