Ceramics Studio

Ceramics studio Pottery Studio in Ann Arbor Art Center

Located in downtown Ann Arbor at 117 W Liberty Street, the Ceramics studios at the Ann Arbor Art Center are a unique place to create.

Ceramic Studio One faces busy Liberty Street and wonderful natural light in addition to ample workspace. This studio is the location of our 12 wheels and all our glazing materials.

Ceramics Studio Two has equipment specially suited for handbuilding, such as a slabroller and a large extruder. We also offer a spray booth for student use in Studio Two.

Both studios and the kiln room are clean and efficiently run.

We are excited to start another term at AAAC! For tho se of you returning, you know summer can be a hectic time around here. This year we have the added fun of having construction start on Studio 2 and the kiln room which will shorten our term to six weeks. Below is a list of dates for you.

Please be aware that we have no flexibility due to the construction schedule.

Students are a priority in our studio

We have classes for students aged five years old through adult and are constantly working to add to our class list. All of our instructors have years of experience and offer students a wide variety of projects and assistance in their work. Each registrant is allotted personal storage space and we accommodate up to 120 students per term.

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Important information:

Questions about our Ceramics Studio or Ceramics Program? Contact Marc at mmccay@annarborartcenter.org