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117 Gallery

Location: Second floor of the Ann Arbor Art Center.

Please click here for hours and directions to the 117 Gallery

The 117 Gallery provides a platform for the community to engage with regional, national, and international artists.

The 117 Gallery hosts 8 exhibitions throughout the year and strives to create meaningful experiences in which artists and ideas converge. Both juried and curated, our exhibitions present an ongoing opportunity for artists to submit their work as well as a platform to strengthen public appreciation of contemporary art through exhibitions, education, and community exchange.

Please see our exhibitions calendar to learn about upcoming exhibitions and call for entries.

Aquarium Gallery

Aquarium Gallery on Ashley Street Ann Arbor Art Center

Location: Ashley Street, near the intersection with Liberty, in downtown Ann Arbor

The Aquarium is a micro gallery that hosts ten exhibitions annually. The gallery is comprised of a large window space measuring approximately 8' x 8' x 2.5' located near the corner of Ashley and Liberty streets in downtown Ann Arbor.   The mission of the Aquarium is to showcase site-specific installations. Artists are invited to fill the gallery in its entirety, and create a work of art that can engage with a street-level audience. Support for the Aquarium Gallery generously provided by the Ann Arbor Awesome Foundation.

See some of the Aquarium Gallery's past installations