Fairy Garden Pond

Create a peaceful pond for your fairy garden.


  • Rocks (various sizes)
  • Larger, flat rock (this will be the size of your pond)
  • Paint (blue, white)
  • Glue (hot glue or super glue)
  • Paint brush
  • Paint palette – (substitutes: dixie cups, an egg carton, anything that will hold your paint)


After prepping your paint on your palette, paint the top of your larger, flat rock. Don’t worry about the bottom or sides, just paint the top; that’s all that will be visible by the end. This will be the base for your pond.


After the top has dried, glue rocks around the rim of your flat rock. I suggest choosing larger rocks for this part. Think of this like putting together a puzzle, you need to find the right shape and size rocks that fit with the grooves and ridges of your flat rock.


After you’ve completely covered the perimeter, begin adding medium-sized rocks in the gaps. Try putting different colored and shaped rocks beside one another to create a more natural look.


Fill in the smaller cracks with pebble-sized rocks. This is also a good time to layer and add stones on top of one another to create more height in certain areas.Three easy steps! It’s time to let your fairy laundry dry in the sunshine.


After you’ve finished gluing your stones, fill the base of your pond with hot glue, this will create the illusion of water. The more glue you add, the deeper your pond will look. Before putting your hot glue down, practice different gluing techniques. Applying the glue evenly will make the water look still, while moving your glue gun in a wavy motion will make the water look like it’s moving.

To customize your pond, consider adding moss, or paint lily pads or fish atop the water. Now your fairy pond is complete!

Music Credit:

Music: Mornings | Musician: Jeff Kaale